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The Augmented Skier population does not necessarily have the same aims, wishes or objectives that we meet on traditional international circuits. This Open Augmented Skiing World Championships is certainly a sporting event, but we also want it to be a festive and friendly moment of exchange and fun. Ophélie David has therefore prepared specific rules which will give everyone a chance to distinguish yourselves, even if a slalom pole is not your friend !

Championship rules


1  Giant Slalom XL (320 m vertical drop) individual race in one run, with your exoskeleton


Each team has a beeper that they will punch on the tags placed on the ski area. Tags will not have the same values and will be grouped by color codes. Use your exoskeleton to ski more !


Giant Slalom points (Coefficient 1) and Ski-Trail points (coefficent 2) will be added  together to establish an overall individual ranking

For the Giant Slalom

  • We apply the FFS GS regulations

  • The competition takes place in only one run

  • Random draw bibs in each category (oldest go first)

  • GS run in bib order

  • At the end of the Giant Slalom,  points will be applied as follows::

    • 1st- 1000pts

    • 2nd- 800pts

    • 3rd-700pts

    • 4th- 650pts

    • 5th- 525pts

    • 6th- 500pts

    • From 7th to 10th -20pts per place

    • 10th- 480pts

    • From 11th to 25th -10pts per place

    • 25th- 330pts

    • From 26th to 50st -5pts per place

    • 50st- 205pts

    • From 51st to the last one -1pts

  • Disqualified and non-starters will be awarded points equivalent to the last ranked competitor

For the Ski-Trail :

  • Random draw of teams of 4 (mixed all categories) during the lunch 

  • Each team will have a beeper that will punch on the tags placed on the ski area. Tags will not have the same values ​​and will be grouped by color code. Be prepared for a strategic event.

Final score :

  • Score by competitor: Giant Slalom points (coefficient 1) + Ski-Trail points (Coefficient 2)

  • Scratch Giant Slalom and Ski-Trail Ranking Announcements

  • Award for each category

  • Snowboarders, telemark and monoski will be merged with Alpine Skiing categories

The organization team reserves the right to modify the rules according to the weather conditions or the number of participants for example.

This Augmented Skiing Championships is a funny / friendly event and not an offical race.


The use of an exoskeleton during the event is required.


Wearing the helmet is mandatory during the Giant Slalom and strongly recommended during all other times on the slopes.

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An FFS license  will be required upon registration. If you do not have an FFS license, you can receive an FFS Discovery Pass at € 6 (valid for 48 hours) from the Ski-Mojo Club.


Friday  28 January 2023​

  • Afternoon : optional slalom training with Ophélie David

  • Welcome drink  (around 19:30 - place to be announced)

Saturday 29  January 2022​

  • 09:30 - Giant Slalom - warm-up and course inspection with Ophélie David

  • 10:30 - Giant Slalom - Race start

  • 12:00 - Lunch on the slopes - constitution of Ski-Trail teams

  • 13:30-16:30 - Ski-Trail by team

  • 20:00 - Gala diner and awards ceremony

Sunday 30 January 2022

  • 09:30 - General meeting at the "Front de Neige"

  • 10:00-12:00 - Flash Mob Augmented skiing day - all together on the slopes

  • Afternoon free lunch and skiing

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